Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Frisco, TX

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Over time our teeth collect stains from food, drink, and smoking or discoloration from damage to the tooth’s surface. We offer several at-home and in-office teeth whitening products to restore your bright, confident smile.

Professional teeth whitening treatments prescribed by your dentist are often the safest and most effective options for bleaching the surface of your teeth. We look forward to discussing these options with you at your next visit.


In-office teeth whitening procedures offer quicker results than at-home kits because it is completed in 1-2 office visits versus 2-3 weeks of at-home treatment. We begin the process by cleaning your teeth and then applying a whitening treatment directly to your teeth, using a protective barrier on your gums. This can lighten your teeth 10-15 shades in just a couple hours. You will be instructed to avoid smoking tobacco or eating and drinking any heavily pigmented food for the next 24 hours, such as coffee, tea, tomato sauce, red wine, mustard, or beets.


The most popular and cost-effective option for teeth whitening is customizable at-home kits. This option gradually whitens your teeth over time through repeated, reusable whitening trays. During an office visit we will use dental putty to make a mold of your teeth. You’ll be able to pick up the customized plastic trays for your teeth a few weeks later. At home you will apply a whitening gel to the plastic trays and follow our personalized instructions on how long to wear them for your specific needs. These customized trays are reusable, so you can manage your own touchups in the future.

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